Real Estate Round Up 5/6/18

Real Estate Wire Fraud on Upswing
Ehryn Wyndger,

“You could be the most educated person, but these fraudsters are so sophisticated, and the emails look identical. It’s really convincing,” Duthler said.

Staying Disciplined At The Market Top
Brian Milovich,

Much like not giving in to the breakroom donuts at the office when you’re on a diet, the end goal of purchasing quality, high-returning, real property is much more satisfying than the instant gratification of buying a deal just for the sake of it.


Restored lumber baron's mansion celebrates owner's love of Detroit Tigers
Jim Harger,

Tracy Lanning, a lover of old homes, bought the house from the estate of former City Commission Lew Meriweather in 2005, who died before he could complete repairs to the old house. Since then, the Lannings have restored much of the house to its original splendor.