Real Estate Round Up 10/4/17

Battle over Airbnb brewing in Lansing

Barton Deiters

"A pair of bills — House Bill 4503 and Senate Bill 329 — introduced to the Legislature this spring would mandate that short-term rentals be allowed statewide without any restriction."

Supreme Court upholds municipal land ordinance

Ehren Wynder

“The reason you have these types of ordinances is to get rid of nonconforming lots,... If you have two adjacent properties under common ownership, the ordinance treats it as just one lot.” -Fowler, municipal law attorney 

Renters at 80 foreclosed Detroit houses can buy their homes for $5,500

Dana Afana

"Renters of 80 Detroit homes will have the opportunity to purchase the houses for as little as $2,500 after their landlords failed to pay taxes ..."