Real Estate Round Up 10/25/17

Meet America's New 'Renter Class': Baby Boomers
Tyler Durden

"National stats revealed that, between 2009 and 2015, the biggest changes in the renting population came from seniors aged 55 or over (up by 28%), compared to only a 3% increase in renters 34 or younger."

More People Think Renting Is a Better Deal Than Buying
Laura Kusisto

"Roughly 76% of renteres in August said they believe renting is more affordable than owning, up from 65% in September 2016, according to survey results from Freddie Mac."

State Oks $16 Million Incentive for Piston's Facility
Candice Williams

"The Detroit Pistons will build a 167,000 sq ft building with ...retail and restaurant space, practice facilities and office space according to the MEDC. "