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Rockfinch Realty is a full-service property management and real estate brokerage. Our unique approach and integration give us a bird’s eye view on market trends that will give you an edge with your next deal. From managing apartment buildings to buying your dream home, we offer unparalleled customer service and use the latest technologies to simplify the process.

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Chelsea is the Broker of Rockfinch Realty, a full-service property management and real estate brokerage. This year, she coordinated over 40 transactions and currently manages almost 50 rental units.

A Tucson, Arizona native, Chelsea has lived in Michigan since 2004. Hillsdale College, her alma matter, brought her here from the desert, but a love of West Michigan made her stay. Her one complaint is the...snow.

Chelsea started her career in real estate during the 2008 Financial Crisis when she bought her first duplex. Since then, she has worked with the largest brokers in the midwest, boutique management firms, and banks maintaining distressed assets. She puts that experience to work everyday for her partners at Rockfinch Realty, offering custom solutions to their real estate needs.    

When she's not busy with work, Chelsea spends time with her husband and three children, plays Billy Joel and Toto songs on the piano, and reads Russian novels.


David hails from Detroit, Michigan where his third-generation GM family ensured that he developed an appreciation for America’s gilded age. Growing up in area shaped by industrial titans like Ford and Studebaker, David learned to love Victorian architecture - an era that valued craftsmanship and style. In college, David worked at a number of famous house museums including Meadowbrook Hall and Glessner House, which further cemented his love for the architecture of the early 20th century.

After graduating from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, David returned to Michigan and settled in West Michigan. As a labor of love, he personally renovated two 1920s homes in the heart of Grand Rapids When not out working for his clients, you can typically find him under the hood of his 1972 MGB Roadster, or on the water in his restored 1968 Shell Lake Custom.